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Our very first blog post! Ever.
We wanted to share a bit more about who we are as partners (in both business and life), where we come from as designers and what we believe in.

First off, introducing ourselves indvidiually:

I, Lavinia, am originally from Vancouver, BC Canada. I was born and raised in Canada and did most of my studies there. My father is a graphic designer, so I grew up surrounded by this wonderful world of art and design. I learned a lot from him and through this field it really helped me express who I am and taught me how this field can really help improve the quality of life for people.

Sandro, my business partner and inspiration, was born and raised in Switzerland. His grandfather had owned a printshop in Chur and his grandmother’s brother was an amazing artist. So naturally, Sandro took an interest in the creative field. Aside from design, he has a strong passion for cameras, bicycles and coffee (a.k.a his instagram account). One thing that I admire about Sandro is how he turned his love of design into his dream job. And he did so, because he believes it’s all about willing to try and fail in order to get better at what he does every day. 


How we met

Empoli, 2014

Empoli, 2014

Florence, Italy. Yes, we know it’s already sounding a bit romantic or as I like to put it “sounds cheesey”.

Sandro and I both came to Florence to study for our Masters. He was on his final year, a 2 year program, for industrial design. And I joined a 1 year program for my Master of interior and industrial design. We were in a few classes together and since this wasn’t particulary a big school, it wasn’t hard to not notice Sandro…especially in a classroom full of women. For our first project, we had got together through a mutual friend that asked us both to join her. During this project, we realized how in sync we were. As in how align our beliefs and goals were, what we wanted for ourselves as designers and what we value as good design. After that we continued to work every project together. For us, finding that connection where someone understands your objective and is willing to look at you as an equal partner, was such an inspiring feeling.

Eventually, we fell in love.

After that year in Florence, Sandro went back to Switzerland and I went back to Canada. We continued a long-distance realtionship, continously working on projects together. With the time difference, we were able to always contribute ideas, work and grow our projects. Going through this type of relationship taught us the importance of conversation, to always listen, be honest, patient and stay open-minded.

We did long-distance for 4 years, visiting each other at least twice a year. Until one visit to Vancouver, Sandro proposed. I happily said yes and soon after, without a doubt, I moved to Switzerland.


Our time in Florence


Why we started our business


We started our business with a strong passion to want help business owners discover their captivating story. Stories that attract their ideal clients who share the same passion as them.

Every product or service you’ve purchased, there was a story behind it that enticed you to purchase from exactly their business and not their competitor. Whether you may have realized a story was there or not, stories do help provide a foundation of trust and authenticity. It pulls on emotions we’ve previously experienced or relate to.

This is the experience we want to help businesses define and share with their clients, clients just like you.

IRIX Design