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Simply put, we love espresso. And we make sure we use the best tools & tricks in order to enjoy our espresso the right way.
This product we had originally designed for ourselves since we couldn’t find a Knockbox we absolutely loved.
After a few trial and errors we ended up with our ideal concrete Knockbox.
We hope you enjoy this product as much we do.



This Knockbox is intended for home use, and placed elegantly beside your espresso machine.


How it is made

The Knockbox is made out of concrete, a fascinating material which we love to experiment with, and formed through a silicon mold. Every piece is produced by hand in small production and we make sure we put a lot of love in every Knockbox we produce. We are proud to say this product is made here in Switzerland.


Product Care

In general our Knockbox require minimal maintenance. The concrete and silicone rod can be washed simply with soap water.

The Knockbox’s appearance, personally we think, improves with age and slowly takes on this delicious coffee color.
If you wish you can order to get your Knockbox sealed with a concrete sealer to prevent this change in color.