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If we know anything, it’s that design brings people together.

(We’ve got the rings to prove that.)   


But we’re not just an affogato-loving power couple. We are a design studio specializing in brand identity and experience. IRIX Design not only offers exhibit, editorial, packaging, and digital design, but we work directly with brands to develop their authentic voice and narrative—because it is our stories that really matter.        

There’s an audience out there for you. Let us help you attract and inspire them with a strategy and design that captures the essence of what makes you truly unique.

We believe every business has a story worth-telling and
the design with it should represent your company’s deepest values and beliefs.     

Our passion for design comes from a love for the personalities and stories behind the scenes. The ones that pull us in and make us feel something… those stories that make us fall in love.  

Have you ever noticed that once you hear a good story, you immediately feel more connected? Stories are what richen our experiences. With a compelling narrative, something as simple as popping the cork on a bottle of merlot becomes significantly more satisfying. It’s not the wine itself, but the context behind the bottle that has the power to make us feel part of something truly special.                                        

We believe every business has a story—and every story deserves to be heard. Let us help you enrich your brand experience with the small details that matter. We help our clients build powerful bonds with their audience by telling their story in a clear and compelling way, which builds trust and lasting relationships that are monetizable and profitable. We work with you to ensure that your brand story and design isn’t just consistent, but that it becomes unforgettable.   

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Lavinia Roth, Graphic Design

Creativity actually runs in Lavinia’s blood—with a creative director as a father, she grew up surrounded by art, design, the latest gadgets, and lots of vibrant creative energy.

She applies that same outside-the-box thinking to her design work.         

As the Brand Strategist and Head of Graphic Design & Creative Direction, Lavinia is open to trying anything and everything—especially when it comes to unusual foods. She studied Industrial Design at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, British Columbia before achieving her masters in Industrial Design in Florence, Italy. With 6+ years of experience in visual communication in product, interior, film, and graphic design and projects that have taken her all throughout Europe, North America, and China, she brings a unique and diversely experienced perspective to the creative table.


Sandro Roth, Industrial Design

“For me good design is not only about using sustainable materials, it is also about longevity.”

Sandro cares about quality—whether he’s drinking coffee, searching for a new bike, or designing.  

As the Head of Industrial Design, Sandro oversees all photography, production, and cappuccino preparation. He’s worked under photographer Dennis Savini, completed a 4 year interior design apprenticeship, and holds a Masters in Industrial Design from FDA in Florence, where he was honored with the Elite Student Award. Sandro also spent 3 years as Head of Design with a leading light company in Switzerland before founding IRIX Design with his lovely wife.